Introducing the Ontario Traffic Man

The Ontario Traffic Man is my new personal blog, where I will be predominantly exploring transportation issues in Ontario.  I decided to expand beyond my other blogging spot at WaterlooBikes in order to indulge my more technical interests as well as to expand my scope beyond Waterloo Region.

On this blog you may expect to find items such as

My primary inspirations for this blog have been Bicycle Dutch, and The Ranty Highwayman.  They are both fascinating and well-written, and I recommend them to anyone interested in cycling infrastructure and roadway design.

The site’s title is a play on the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM), the guiding document for roadway design in Ontario.  I’m generally quite fond of the manual, though it falls short in a few areas, most notably with cycling infrastructure.

So, here we go!

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4 Responses to Introducing the Ontario Traffic Man

  1. Graham Roe says:

    Looking forward to reading your articles, you definitely left your mark in Waterloo Region, showing that there was indeed room for protected bike lanes on King Street! See you soon on a bike path 🙂


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  3. Robert says:

    Why did you title yourself reaperexpress? Do you run a line from Toronto to afterlife where you take corpses from traffic collisions?


    • reaperexpressblogs says:

      It’s an inside joke from a long time ago. A friend and I stumbled across the “For Sale” section on the Halton County Radial Railway website and discovered a run down streetcar that we figured we could actually afford and subsequently fantasized about owning our own streetcar. On the front of this streetcar was written “Reaper Express” – it was the railway’s Halloween train. I think it’s still for sale.


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